Childcare Pricing

At Little Angels Develpment Inc. we offer a quality childcare program that supports the individual needs of each child.  We base our learning and acitivies on the interests of the children.

We are also subsidized through The County of Wellington.  For more information on subsided care please contact 519-837-3620.

Check out our registration page for more details.

Prices effective as of January 2022

Infant 3 months - 18 months Full Time 59.00/ day
Infant 3 months - 18 months Part Time (4 days or less/wk) 70.00/day
Toddler 15-18months- 2.5 yrs Full Time 47.00/day
Toddler 15-18months- 2.5 yrs Part Time (4 days or less/wk) 50.00/day
Preschool 2-2.5 yrs- 4yrs Full Time 43.50/day
Preschool 2-2.5 yrs- 4yrs Part Time (4 days or less/wk) 46.00/day
Overtime Fees All programs (After closing hours) 5.00/5 mintues
Overtime Fees 9.5 hours max care limit (between hours of operation) 2.00/half hour
Overtime Fees Drop off/Pick up Penalty 1.50/15 minutes

Currently during COVID-19 Pandemic Little Angels Development Inc. will only be offering fulltime spaces.